Crystal Windows

Search for an Orangery or Conservatory in the UK and nestled amongst the familiar household brands at the top of the SERP you’ll notice the name Crystal Windows. Not a national brand, in fact not necessarily a household name, unless you happen to live in one of those houses that has benefitted from one of its stunning constructions!

Yet Crystal sits in the top half of the results pages thanks the clear strategic thinking of its owner and the relentlessly hard work of Robot in delivering results way beyond what could or should be expected of a regional brand.

Why go to all that effort? Simple really. A belief that to really dominate the local market, the brand needed more than to be happy with just localised search terms. Very early on we understood that customers didn’t necessarily search in the way companies would like. So, to be the biggest and best in the North West, we decided to be the biggest and best brand in the UK.