Aboda Living

Aboda Living is a new company, designing and building beautiful, contemporary homes in Cheshire. Robot was appointed by the managing partners to create a whole new brand, from the name up.

Aboda Living was born. Building on the architects minimal, contemporary aesthetic with a focus on materials, we created an identity that is pure in its geometry – reducing the letterforms down to their simplest forms. The name ‘Aboda’ is an evloution of the word ‘Abode’, and is neatly symmetrical. The use of the word ‘Living’ rather than, say ‘Developments’ stays true to the partner’s focus on creating beautiful homes that are designed to be lived in and enjoyed.

A responsive website was created that showcases the stunning developments from their existing portfolio, and a marketing pack for one of their projects was designed and produced . Both of these projects develop the theme of design and simplicity, with a focus on materials – and in doing so we have created a brand that stands out amongst its competition.

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