Social — Spread the word

“I don’t get it but I think we might need it.”

It’s another one of those frequent customer comments. Social media. When you think about it you might think about Facebook or Twitter. When we think about it we think of people talking about us, about peer to peer interaction. About the way people think and feel and communicate about our brand. Often without us even being involved. We think about the power of that interaction and relevance to the audience, about the way a simple thought or idea can change the brand perception in a way we might not even be able to influence.

So what is it, what should you do, and what difference can it make?

  • Multi-channel branding: It gives you the chance to create  a presence in the life space of your clients, communicating with them often in real time in a way they want and can control.
  • Service and product engagement: Social media connects you directly with your clients, customers and subscribers, allowing you to address issues with your products and services with an unprecedented level of immediacy.
  • Online reputation: This can have huge ramifications for a brand and can make or break your product or service. But if you are blind to that happening you have no way of influencing it.
  • SEO: Regularly posting quality content using social media profiles encourages others to link to your website, which in turn improves your search engine visibility.
  • Lead generation: Whilst social media is very rarely used for direct selling, a combination of a good reputation, excellent customer service and improved online visibility make fresh interest in your business, charity or organisation inevitable.