SEO — Straight in at number one

“I’d like to be number 1 in Google for this phrase…”

We hear it all the time from clients and it’s entirely understandable. In a nutshell a strong SEO strategy is there to deliver that. But if everyone wants to be number one there are going to be an awful lot of disappointed people and an awful lot of anxious agencies wringing their hands. That isn’t to say we don’t have a lot of clients who enjoy number one status in Google for what they do, just that it’s the wrong way to look at what makes SEO successful.

So the next question is this: what do you want to be number one for, and why?

Another might be: what will all those people coming to your website result in? And 20 questions later we often find customers have their “aha” moment, when they realise there is a whole lot more to an SEO strategy than simply having to be number one for a simple word, because SEO by itself can be a fool’s promise of success. There are a whole lot of opportunities presented by an SEO strategy and whole lot of ways to skin that proverbial cat, which is why when we start the process of SEO we begin by asking a client what they think success looks like. It can be money, engagement, influence, but it’s rarely focused around one word.