Pay-per-click — Effective campaigns, monitored daily

For an immediate engagement with your audience that you can control intimately to reflect a promotion or promise, few things offer as direct a return on investment as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Used well they can support a tactical requirement in a business to enable you to step above the noise of competition in a channel and engage immediately with your client. Used badly they can simply cost you money and deliver nothing whilst positively putting people off visiting your website ever again.

At Robot we have delivered effective PPC campaigns for a wide range of customers across a wide range of products.

Some of those customers have been with us for five years; five years of continuous delivery in one of the most measurable and intensively competitive areas of internet marketing.

What could PPC (AdWords) offer you?

  • Tactical flexibility essential to achieving business targets
  • The flexibility to respond to market changes and unexpected motivators to search
  • Ability to integrate with PR-driven agenda
  • Immediacy for offers and discount support
  • Market intelligence on keyword efficacy
  • Control of SERP marketing environment
  • Initial heavy lifting whilst an SEO campaign kicks in