Ad exchange — Online advertising comes of age

Working with our ad exchange partner (ExchangeLab) Robot is able to offer a complete, cost effective, online display advertising service to clients that utilises some of the most advanced delivery and measurement techniques in the market place and great creative executions.

Unlike traditional methods of online banner purchase which can be expensive with poor ROI, our ad exchange service makes online advertising incredibly cost effective allowing clients to build brand penetration, achieve measurable results and sales and utilise the latest supply side mechanics.

Our service breaks down into the following delivery options:

  • Run of Exchange: Looking at large reach and using optimization to find pools of inventory that generate conversions. This is the most cost effective method of getting your brand and message maximum exposure and is a useful tool for collecting data to optimize campaigns.
  • Specific Channel Targeting: Target channels/sites which have worked well for previous campaigns targeting a similar audience and product. This is carried out using standard trading platforms.
  • Contextual: To enable us to target users effectively we will create keyword lists targeting the most relevant users based on the content which they are browsing, we will also use keyword search terms based around the channel targeting above.
  • Mobile Targeting: We are able to extend all of our normal display targeting methods across smart phone and tablet users with a further ability to target specific devices through the operating software if required.
  • Behavioural: With our ad partner we are able to deploy audience lookalike modeling to build out behavioural segments targeting those people who have demonstrated the relevant behaviours, but away from the context of these channels – this has been shown to keep your brand front of mind when even when the users aren’t in those expected channels.
  • Re-targeting: We can re-message users when they have visited the site but have not yet converted. This is carried out using on site pixels.
  • Search re-messaging: This is where we tag up all of your paid search terms and build out a bidding strategy based on whether they arrive on the site through a brand keyword or generic search terms. Using this data enables us to hit a user group guaranteed to be interested in a product or service.