Responsive web design — One website, all devices

When Robot designs and builds a website, we understand that it has to deliver real results in the real world.

As we all know, the real world now involves everybody, online all the time, on a bewildering array of devices. Desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets, smartphones. The list goes on, and it’s getting longer.

Our customers want to engage with their customers on whatever device they choose without having to invest in mobile versions of their website. That’s why we design and build responsively.

Responsive websites (like ours) adapt their layout and content depending on the resolution of the user’s device. Not only is this technology favoured by Google, but with a year-on-year increase in mobile web browsing and purchasing, companies recognise that this is a factor they can no longer ignore.

By building a responsive website in the first place, we enable customers to reach the widest possible audience without the need for additional investment.

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