Email marketing — Inbox clever

Email marketing is the easiest form of direct marketing to do. Correct? Well no, not really.

It’s certainly the easiest way to convince yourself that you’re communicating with your audience, but in our experience it’s also the easiest way to potentially disgruntle your customers and lose brand equity and relevance.

Cost effective communication

The truth is that email marketing can be an extremely cost-effective form of direct marketing which can help promote customer loyalty and bring new business to your website. It can also offer better conversion rates than traditional direct marketing and help to leverage Lifetime Value (LTV) from customers you have spent a lot of money recruiting in the first place.

But it’s easy to get wrong and often getting it wrong is something you won’t realise you’ve done until it’s too late. Robot has years of experience designing campaigns, measuring success, and applying scientific thought to ensure our customers maximise every interaction via email.