Strategy — Great strategy is nothing without delivery

With so much communication and channel choice, just where should you invest your budget?

It’s almost the first universal question facing owners and managers tasked with delivering results online. Often it isn’t one thing alone, but it is all too easy to think you need a solution only to find that it not only wastes money, but sets your product or company back to square one. It’s easy to think that being number one in Google is the answer to your prayers, but many customers invest significant time and effort trying to accomplish this only to find that it was never possible to begin with, and that even an increase in traffic doesn’t seem to translate into an increase in business.

Not being number one in Google doesn’t mean the internet can’t deliver for you, and being number one in Google doesn’t mean it will deliver either. There are many different channels to your customers and many ways to ensure that every visit pays the dividends it should.

Robot’s approach to strategic planning is geared towards delivering results and making the best use of all available channels and customer relationship optimisation.

Strategies we are happy to put our name to.