Branding — The core of all we do

Delivering a brand strategy for an internet age is a significant challenge when companies and their reputations can seemingly rise and fall in months, if not days.

Robot has decades of experience in brand building and management and has evolved a service for the new media age. This encompasses traditional skills and disciplines allied to a new set of services that recognise the way in which consumers engage with brands, and how quickly that can change.

Our brand service includes:

  • Brand workshops: Identifying the core values and brand proposition.
  • Value proposition development: Articulating the core values of an organisation or product and aligning that with the perceptions and needs of the audience.
  • Brand roll out: Creating brand toolkits to influence a whole organisation and its touchpoints.
  • Reputation management: Online brand tracking, customer satisfaction indexing and social media monitoring are just some of the ways we are able to understand customer perception.